Oppføringer av Anna Moberg

Masks off!

Sex can be bitter, and so can companionship too. Sometimes trying to form your identity can be the most bitter thing of all. Your dreams don’t always come true, and when they finally do they can have a bittersweet ending. Nothing is granted and not everything is easy – but all of it is worth […]

Bare en våt munn

Hva er kvinnelighet for deg? Hvordan fremstiller, undertrykker, presser frem eller trekker du den tilbake? Hva slags posisjon har vi i forhold til hverandre, og hva slags stillinger er det vi så altfor ofte blir tilegnet? Bare en våt munn er en forestilling laget av det nystartede kompaniet Lindeberg/Nilsen. Med ekstravagant scenografi, glitrende kostymer og med […]

Orbo Novo

A melancholic portrayal of what it feels like when the brain decides to shut down on you Nagelhus Schia Production´s performance Orbo Novo tells the story of a person who wakes up on a Tuesday morning – to having a stroke. We follow the process of what the brain goes through when shutting down, as […]

Cas Public, Not quite midnight

“Incorporating audience participation in the worst way possible, this performance made me cramp up in my seat.” “Not quite midnight” is a performance made by the French dance company Cas Public. The performance tries to summon up the magic of Cinderella, the magic of the tales of Perrault and the Brothers Grimm, and the operas […]

Circus Funestus

This is a performance with not only extremely skillful puppetry, but also a touching and beautiful story. I have seen the performance Circus Funestus at the festival Segni d`Infanzia, in Mantova, Italy. The show started with the audience being seated in front of a giant box, designed to look like a circus tent. The box […]

!O! (Family Therapy)

 I went to see  !O! (FAMILY THERAPY)  in Pragovka in Prague, directed by Mirenka Cechova. This performance took place in the cantina of an old factory. The story shifted from direct storytelling and interaction with the audience, to abstract dance and movement across the enormous hall. The main theme for this performance was mental health. […]